“at that time till this day …”

The Connection MC was founded at 24th october in 1980, and consisted of 6 members from the „Puma Hessen MC“. In 1981 the MC move into the first club house in Breidenbach.

In july and september 1984 the MC lost, because of fatal motorcycle accidents, the brothers „Lecke“ and „Süssner“. In october 1984 the MC rent a house in Steinperf, which was inhabited from the most club members. The first two years the members managed in common the pub „Schwarzes Loch“ (engl. „Black Hole“) and later it became our club house and we use it till this day.
In the middle of the 90s the club house was signed over to us. In 1996, after a long cancer-illness, our brother „Icke“ passed away.

In march 2007 a part of our club house burned down, during the demolition work in april 2007 our friend and formerly member „Pico“ met with an accident.
In January 2014, died unexpectedly, our friend and honorary member „Jogi“ by a heart attack.